Calgary Boiler Services


Many homeowners and businesses in Calgary, AB rely on boilers to heat their buildings and water supplies. Boilers are durable and reliable appliances that have a long lifespan, but they still require regular maintenance—even replacement—over time. The boiler contractors at Avatar Contracting can conduct boiler repair and boiler installation services to customers in Calgary.


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Calgary Boiler Repair and Calgary Installation Services

Having a boiler that works well is essential in colder climates like Calgary’s. Avatar Contracting has provided residential and commercial heating , boiler installation for over 15 years.

Our technicians are proffessionals and equipped to handle any concerns you may have with prompt, efficient, and expert service.  No more waiting around in the cold or tinkering with that outdated, temperamental boiler yourself while you scrimp and save for an overpriced solution.

When you choose Avatar Contracting for your next Calgary boiler installation, your boiler will last for years without a problem.  If you are looking for cost-effective pricing for your home or office but don't want to sacrifice quality of service, call Avatar Contracting for a free estimate today. however Calgary boiler repair

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

Boilers can operate for decades before a noticeable decline in efficiency. If your unit experiences frequent breakdowns, your utility bill keeps going up or even if you just want to put in a newer high-efficiency appliance, it might be time to consider boiler installation services. You might save yourself a pile of cash in the long run. Give us a call and one of our team members will inspect your boiler and judge whether or not it’s time to purchase a new one. however Calgary boiler repair

Calgary Boiler Servicing Includes

At Avatar Contracting , we understand boilers. Whether you are needing a boiler repair for your existing system or you think it’s time for a boiler replacement, you can depend on our experienced team in Calgary.

Common Boiler Problems

  • Your pilot light has gone out.
  • You hear gurgling, whistling, banging and/or rumbling sounds coming from your boiler or pipes.
  • Your radiator isn’t heating or you don’t have hot water.
  • Your boiler powers down regularly.
  • Thermostat is off.
  • Boiler system has declined pressure.
  • Your condensate pipe has frozen.
  • Your pipes are leaking.