Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repairs & Installations Calgary

If your toilet isn’t flushing, is constantly leaking water inside or outside the bowl, has a button that stays down when pushed, has a broken seat, is wobbly or unstable, or really slow to fill with water, you should give us a call.


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A Broken Toilet Repairs Calgary

Our qualified Avatar Contracting Plumbers would be happy to come by and get it fixed for you ASAP. We are well versed in all manner of toilet repairs, from water leaks to broken bowls, we’ve seen it all. The main benefit of dealing with us is that we can diagnose the problem very quickly. Moreover, we have the necessary skills to get it sorted for you ASAP, so you can cross the job off the list. however

Toilet Not Flushing Repairs Calgary

If your toilet isn't flushing, we can be there fast and on-time to repair your toilet quickly.

Blocked Toilet Repairs Calgary

No matter what the cause of your blockage, we can locate it fast and have your system flushing perfectly again for you quickly.

Leaking Toilet Repairs Calgary

As with any leak, it is important to get it assessed and repaired fast.  We have the latest technology to locate your leak with pinpoint accuracy no matter where its location.  By repairing your leak quickly, you reduce the risk of damage to the area surrounding the leak. This including carpets and flooring, as well reducing the amount of wasted water - which all saves you money.

New Toilet Installations Calgary

If your toilet is well and truly broken and needs to be replaced, we can source a suitable new fixture at a reasonable price. Moreover, that won’t break the bank! Our team of qualified plumbers know the installation process inside out and are efficient yet thorough when installing new toilets. If you need us to repair your current toilet, need a new one installed or simply want a second opinion, give our team of Avatar Contracting plumbers a call now!