Emergency Plumbing Services


Avatar Contracting has been providing homes and businesses in Calgary’s suburbs with professional rapid response emergency plumbing services for over 15 years. No emergency is too big, no plumbing problem too small… and with plumbers based across Calgary you can be sure of a fast response.You can be rest assured that our emergency plumbers arrive on time to attend to your problem and perform all necessary tasks to remedy your situation as soon as possible.


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How we can help ? Calgary Emergency Plumbing

We offer Emergency Plumbing to Calgary and the surrounding arias 24/7 for both residential and businesses. When we say 24/7 we mean it. We will come to your home or property no matter early or late and on any day of the week. We mean it!

There is nothing our Calgary emergency plumbing team can’t fix. Whether your emergency is big or small, your home or property is small or big we can tackle your emergency head on. Moreover, we can fix any urgent plumbing problems on the spot. No matter if it is leaking toilets, cracked basins, burst pipes, gas leaks and more.

At Avatar Calgary Plumbing Services we arm our team with the very best technology and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. however Calgary emergency plumbing

Common Plumbing Emergencies

An easy rule of thumb is don’t put anything except for water and non-toxic detergents (we are environmentally conscious!) down any sink or drain. Depending on their size and density, non-liquids may not suddenly block your drain. However, they can cause build up that over time will cause a blocked drain.

  • Blocked toilets and sinks however
  • No hot water Calgary emergency plumbing
  • Leaking taps, toilets and pipes
  • Blocked sewers moreover
  • Burst pipes Calgary emergency plumbing