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Washer & Dryer Installation Services Calgary

When it comes to installing your washing machine or dryer, it’s important to make sure that it is done by an expert. When your appliance is installed correctly, you can rest assured knowing that it will run well and offer you great service for many years. That’s why we here at Avatar Contracting have fully licensed, experienced and insured plumbers to make sure your plumbing issues are taken care of with utmost comfort.


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Washer Installation Calgary

If you are looking for a professional installer to ensure that your washing machine is plumbed in and set up correctly, give us a call. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our customer service and our superb installation skills. Our washer installation Calgary technicians are highly trained. Moreover, they have several years of experience installing a wide range of products and appliances. Contact us now to receive a free quote on your washing machine installation Calgary.

In today's fast paced world, you just don't have the time to be without a washing machine or clothes dryer. Life has just simply gotten too busy. If you require a washer installation Calgary, then Avatar Contracting are the people to call. We want to prevent you from having to go through the struggle of being without an essential appliance for any length of time which may be longer than necessary. Once you have received your appliance, just give us a call at (403) 397-8066 and one of our washer installation technicians would be happy to assist you. washer installation Calgary however

Dryer Installation Calgary

Nobody needs to waste their valuable time hanging up, taking down, folding, ironing and then folding their washing again! It is time consuming and frustrating. The frustration becomes even worse on cold winter days, when your washing may be rained on, or may simply just have to be left hanging for hours hanging on the line in order to get dry in the cold winter air. If your dryer has just passed and you got a new one, one of our dryer installation Calgary technicians could install your new appliance.

Here, at Avatar Contracting, we are not only able to install your dryer, but we can also show you how to use it. Moreover, we will clean after ourselves after we finish. We can send a friendly dryer installation Calgary professional to complete your dryer installation Calgary, just give us a call at (403) 397-8066.

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Avatar Contracting, is located in Calgary. However, here are some additional areas and suburbs, among many others, that we service: Okotoks, Aidrdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere. dryer installation Calgary