Calgary Furnace Services


People who live in and around Calgary, understand the extreme cold weather that can be experienced during wintertime. Having a fully functional and high-efficiency furnace is essential to surviving the snowy season. The furnace contractors at Avatar Contracting have the tools and training to ensure you don’t have to go a moment longer than necessary without the sweet relief of a furnace.


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Furnace Installation Services in Calgary

Heating your home during the winter months requires a well-operating furnace and other heating needs. If your furnace operates below its optimum level of performance, Avatar Contracting can help.

We employ knowledgeable and experienced HVAC technicians dedicated to providing you high-quality service. Moreover, our certified technicians perform warrantied furnace installation in Calgary and surrounding arias . Residents rely on us to replace or install a furnace they'll use for years to come. Calgary furnace repair however

Calgary Furnace Repair & Maintenance

If your furnace is the only thing between you and the icy winter air, you want to keep it in good condition all winter long.

Avatar Contracting has over 15 years of experience with furnace repair in Calgary and surrounding arias. Consequently, we know exactly how to fix your furnace and keep you warm and comfortable on cold winter nights.  Calgary furnace repair however

Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Most issues with your furnace can be kept in by scheduling regular maintenance. Moreover, this way problems can be stopped before they begin. An appliance that’s in great shape will decline at a much slower pace.

Regular Boiler Maintenance, what is it exactly? Calgary furnace repair

  • Heat Exchanger – Inspected for cracks secondly
  • Burners – Removed & cleaned if necessary firstly
  • Fan Switch – Checked & adjusted Calgary furnace repair
  • Safety Controls – Operationally inspected finally
  • Combustion Air – Openings will be checked however
  • Flue Pipe – Inspected however Calgary furnace repair
  • Panels – Secure all panels