Chestermere Plumbing Services

Chestermere Plumbing Services

Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business plumbing systems, our team of professional Chestermere Plumbers are happy to help you with your Plumbing, Heating, Water Tank or Drainage issue. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

We’re Always Available to Do Your Job ASAP

We’re different from other plumbing companies…

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Not every plumbing problem requires an emergency plumber. We provide general services on top of our emergency services. Whether you require the installation of a new hot water system or repairs to your toilet, we can wait until the morning or schedule you for the next available appointment.

We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional levels of service on both large and small projects, and we work very hard to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. At Avatar Plumbing, Chestermere we will only use and install products we know we can trust. Chestermere plumber


During the colder months, your furnace becomes the most important fixture in the home. Without it, the house would be an uncomfortable place to live in. As such, it is imperative that the furnace is taken care of as soon as possible. Your furnace service should be inspected for potential problems, repaired as needed and even replaced if necessary.

Our full central heating service—from maintenance to repairs—is backed by our comprehensive guarantees! In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, you’ll be covered, not left out in the cold. however Chestermere plumber Chestermere Plumbing Specialists


Plumbing Emergencies Chestermere – are never at a convenient time. When a plumbing disaster strikes at home or in your business, you need not look further than Our Chestermere plumber to be on the job. We understand that emergency plumbing needs a prompt response, and the expert team at AVATAR Chestermere specialises in tackling these spontaneous 24/7 Chestermere Emergency Plumbing issues in no time.

Heating Emergencies Okotoks - Our experienced and highly trained Chestremere plumbers guarantee proper inspection, service and repair  for all furnace types across Chestremere. Chestermere plumber

Why customers value Avatar Contracting cover care:

Toilet & Tap Repairs. Chestermere plumbing services.

A broken toilet or leaky tap are never a good sign in your home and they need to be fixed ASAP.


Pipe Relining. Chestermere plumbing services.

Over the years, your pipes will get old and broken. Avatar Contracting Your Ideal Plumbing Solution.


WaterTanks. Chestermere plumbing services.

Complete solution for the needs of repair, maintenance, and installations pertaining to the water tanks


Emergency Plumbing. Chestermere plumbing services.

Plumbing emergencies will always surprise you as they won’t be seen coming.


Furnace Service. Chestermere heating services.

Professional Furnace repair, installations & maintenance in Chestermere and surrounding areas. Low rates and guaranteed results.


plumber Chestermere plumbing specialists moreover Chestermere heating services

We’re Always Available to Do Your Job ASAP

We’re different from other Chestermere plumbing companies…

(403) 397-8066

however Chestermere plumbing services heating services Chestermere plumbing specialists

Residential Services

We provide all home Chestermere plumbing services, including:

  • Hot water systems installation and repairs Chestermere
  • New connections Chestermere
  • Leak detection & repairs Chestermere
  • Extensions and renovations plumbing installations Chestermere
  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing needs Chestermere
  • Drains services Chestermere
  • Pipes repair and replacement Chestermere

Commercial Services

Our Chestermere commercial plumbers can provide any service:

  • Major plumbing systems installation and repairs Chestermere
  • All plumbing systems repairs Chestermere
  • Plumbing system upgrades Chestermere
  • Regular maintenance services Chestermere
  • Connections Chestermere
  • Industrial plumbing services Chestermere
  • Retail premises